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Hello, i played and made a Lets Play of your game. I really enjoyed playing it and it just looks so pretty with the use of different colours surrounding the environment! Thank you for making this game :) For anyone who decides to check out my video, make sure you subscribe to support the channel, and I'll see you in the next video!!

This is so awesome! We never imagined a Let's Play of the game would be made! Thank you for doing this! I've sent it to the whole team and they love it! Hopefully you can try out the future updates of the game!

My pleasure, it's a great game!!

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Such a BEAUTIFUL game. I really enjoyed it. I also wrote about it in my blog here:

Thank you so much! We are glad you enjoyed it. Look forward to future updates for it :)

Very impressive game! I had to get used to the white walls not being the same as the background, but once I did I really enjoyed it. Thematically cool, having to walk around to find everything and you can't just look from a high point.

The team hopes it wasn't too much to get used to! Thank you for playing our game.

Super fun! Hope for more! Last two colors were really hard to find but I thought the colors and designs were really awesome!

We thought a lot about color and design while making the game so we are really glad you liked it! The team is working on more for the game! So please look for that in the future. Thanks for playing!